Catch Coupons 101


Our site features a variety of savings ranging from online codes to printable coupons you can use in store.  Getting the best deal is a must for any shopper especially with the discounts available.  Expert shoppers know there are ton of options and tools you can use to to make shopping efficient. Below are some of the Catch Coupon 101 tips our expert staff put together that every shopper should use or check before buying online or in a store.  We put together a quick tip list for our users. Enjoy!


Check the Clearance – Although this may seem like an easy one, many shoppers fail to check the clearance section of a site. Big name retailers put items on clearance when they are trying to get the item off the shelf immediately.  You will find savings up to 75% on big name products!


Online vs In Store – Great shoppers know the price differences between online and in store. Retailers will price products differently and not uncommon, online will be cheaper in some scenarios, retail in others.


Seasonal Shopping – This one coincides with the clearance tip. Retailers will price products different throughout the seasons. You will find the common Summer End sales or End of Year sales and a lot of the biggest savings occur during these times.


Be Open to Variety – This one may be the toughest but our experts advise all of our consumers to be open to variety and brands. Consumers will get narrow focused on their shopping and miss out on big savings from other similar brands. We’re not telling you to lose your brand loyalty but sometimes toilet paper is toilet paper.